Welcome To A.K. Ivanova Official

A.K. Ivanova came from the edge of death to a smashing success. She has successfully launched and sold businesses from every aspect of life such as Royalty Models Inc., Exposure Talent, Latin America Travel Agency, aNanny4uWin His Heart Coaching and Master Key Network. She is the author of Win His Heart, Get Your Ex Back (not literally) Winning the Game of Love and Succeeding Against the Odds. She is the founder of Bucket List Adventures and runs three blogs, I Can Never Eat That Again, Living with Tobias my Congo African Grey and Master Key Network Entrepreneurial. She has been seen dancing at the World Latin Dance Cups, scouting at IMTA, on the cover of The Metropolitan Entrepreneur Magazine, seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox and has premiered on America's Premier Experts. She lives by the quote "If you are born broke that is not your fault, however if you die broke it is." She believes success comes first from being able to control your thoughts and then being able to put the positive ones into action.